Shenae Grimes Explains New Tattoo

Shenae in 'Sugar'
Check out the '90210' star behind the scenes of 'Sugar'!
Shenae Grimes is no stranger to getting inked up, but after meeting Ami James at the launch of Wooster Street Social Club in Soho, Grimes was ready to get another tattoo.

“I’ve had a white scar-looking tat behind my ear for a few months that I was really unhappy with and asked if he’d mind re-doing it with better placement and obviously much for skill…to which, he kindly but reluctantly obliged.”

Blogged Shenae:

“I won’t go into too much detail as it’s a very personal tattoo for me but it was a memorial tattoo for an amazing person in my life who was my very own Peter Pan. The hat from my favorite Disney character is a symbol of this person’s full life and contagious smile that will always remind me never to take life too seriously and always enjoy it like we did when we were kids”

For more scoop, like why Shenae opted for no color, and to read more about the meaning of her new tattoo check out her blog.

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