Top 14 Celeb Couples with a Crazy Height Difference! (PHOTOS)

Every girl wants a man in her life that she can look up to (literally), and the ladies in the celebrity world are no different.

Over the weekend, Shaquille O’Neal and his girlfriend Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander were spotted in Las Vegas celebrating Shaq’s retirement party. The 7′ 1″. retired Boston Celtics player towered over his 5’2″. girlfriend by several inches, even with her six inch heels on!

After seeing Shaq and Hoopz together celebrating his retirement, it got Celebuzz thinking — who are some other celeb couples that have the ladies looking up to their man?

Kris Humphries has Kim Kardashian looking up to him as he stands at 6’9″ and Kim at 5’3″, as do Josh Duhamel who is 6’4″ and his wife Fergie who is only 5’4″.

We can’t forget about those couples where the girls tower over their man. Katie Holmes has Tom Cruise looking up to her, as does Keith Urban to his wife Nicole Kidman.

Take a look at the gallery to see which other Hollywood couples have a crazy height difference between them!