Who Should Prince Harry Date Next? (PHOTOS)

Much to the delight of women everywhere, Prince Harry has confirmed his single status, proclaiming that he is "100 percent single" and denying reports that he is dating Kate Middleton's stunning younger sister, Pippa Middleton. Harry recently broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Zimbabwean beauty Chelsy Davy, and, despite his protests, he could use a new lady to tend to his broken heart.

Luckily for Harry, Celebuzz has a few ideas for his next girlfriend. Since Harry's new sweetheart will need to be able to withstand the media attention, a famous Hollywood starlet may be right up Harry's alley. Check out our gallery of potential dates for Harry and leave a comment on who you think Harry should date next

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  • jen

    Whoever wrote this "article" is an idiot. This is the most pointless, ridiculous list Celebuzz has ever made, and that is saying A LOT.

  • florencethemachine

    I can see it already. Taylor's # 1 single "The Prince & I" ...lol

  • courtneybaaaby

    YES! she is so amazingly beautiful!

  • Brittney

    He need to date an african american chick!LOL

  • claudialimon

    she is so funny and can make the perfect match

  • danyy

    ME! ME! ME!

  • Karen

    emma watson

  • mila

    Another bad idea.

  • mila

    Wow... This is the most stupid idea.

  • ger

    I think he'd date with a guy, please, stop lying....