10 Things You Didn’t Know About Selena Gomez (PHOTOS)

The hard-working Selena Gomez has made an amazing recovery from her health scare earlier this month – just in time for her new album, When The Sun Goes Down, to debut on Tuesday, June 28. With songs written by such superstars as Britney Spears and Katy Perry, the album is sure to be chock full of poppy girl power!

Sure, everyone knows that SelGo is a former Disney star and that she is dating pop star Justin Bieber, but what don't we know about the teen's life? Check out our gallery to find out more about the lovely Selena and, as always, don't forget to follow Celebuzz on Twitter and Facebook.



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  • serna

    selena gomez i really dont like her i really wanted to be his but my chance over shout out to jb

  • None of your business
    None of your business

    Hey, want to know a couple of things about Selena Gomez. She's practically this generations Hilary Duff. Movies She's Ripped Off: Monte Carlo is ripped off of The Lizzie Mcguire Movie. Another Cinderella Story is ripped off of A Cinderella Story. Back when Lindsay wasn't a drug mule and the Olsen sisters at least ate some food, Hilary was in her prime time acting years and with that came a cute little boy toy named Aaron Carter, who was as it so happened, to be a very popular teenie bopper magnet. Now who is another person we know that, yeah not as say original and classy as Aaron but just the average flip of the hair teenage boy that gives those little girls to gush about during their long and miserable lives. JUSTIN BIEBER! Goddamn did I spell that right? Anyway the point is no other disney stars can ever replace the original ones. I mean have you seen the new effing disney shows lately. There is literally one where a 10 year old goes to high school because she can play an instrument well. I'll stop before I give myself a brain tumor.

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    u know me

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  • emmacool

    she is so pretty in that pic and is so stunning (as always) :)

  • Natalia

    she is a verry good person!!

  • ohmygod

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  • ohmygod

    okay im a hater but you are just an idiot. she didnt want to prance around singing? but shell prance around with a 10 year old girl, yeah thats serious. your an asshole.

  • dave

    and ill know when i go to her next show/signing to bring her a pizza with those toppings :) <3

  • dave

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  • abid hussain
    abid hussain

    well dats where u fell in love with her.....love u :)

  • emylia

    i love this dress on her

  • tasha

    this girl is amazing and if you hate her get a life you have not heared her music then do it

  • Christine

    she looks like jasmine villegas here!

  • katy

    she look so cute and i think selena her look more beautiful than now

  • courtneybaaaby

    what the fuck is she wearing?

  • courtneybaaaby

    sick one celebuzz spelling means girls as "mean giels" fucking idiots.

  • mila

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  • Karina

    Hahaha, no joke, that's a Mexican thing! XD

  • o0simon0o

    Love it. Never thought about that power before xD

  • Anastasia

    Your never too good for a pair of Chuck Taylors. I thought she got rid of them as well, but I have lately seen SG wear them alot of them during plane flights and rehearsals.

  • Chantal

    The first commenters, Anonymous spelled wrong, Hater confirming they are actually a hater, and dafish11 which eventually also confirms that it's an 11 year old thinking she says the truth when mostly newly tweens are practically only good at lieing. Selena wanted be set in more serious roles, not as a musical teen princing around singing of their happily living moments in dear old 2 story builded high schools. At LEAST her early work is set upon sarcastic yet spunky roles and settings. I am glad she is setting her self mature enough and focusing smartly on blossoming into a serious actor. Bravo, SG.

  • Sandra

    12th Fact: The anonymous one's are always the one's who put the most dirtiest things about someone on the internet, and that's been Selena's favorite laugh of all time when it comes to fame.

  • Ollie

    It's similar not the same. Just saying! Lizzie was had a twin popstar, Selena had a twin actress. The storyline is different, but If SG was going to be in a Spin off as Miranda's sister, She should have been in Lizzie Mcguire. The show should have broadcasted!

  • Patty Sanchez
    Patty Sanchez

    OH MY GOD, Me too. Holy iced tea, I love this woman each time I find out more about her & her yummy food habits. Eating Salt with lemon, sexy.

  • Melissa

    Both the most talented young stars I have laid my eyes on in Hollywood. Love that these two have been there for each other for so long.

  • Sandy

    Her dress, just GORGEOUS. Proud of SG & many other stars showing their ways to help others and that's the beauty of having that much star power, to help others. What a privilege for her to honored the most youngest ambassador in none other than UNICEF itself! I have always encouraged unisef to others, Love overcomes all hate in the world.

  • kaitlyn

    Yeah, & she's probably gotten rid of all of them since them. She probably thinks she's too good for them.

  • M

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  • I don't like this hater
    I don't like this hater

    Why? R u a beiber fan? Justin will never love you. He'll hate you more for hating on Selena . Leave her alone little bitch.

  • Johnna Proffitt Ford
    Johnna Proffitt Ford

    You have to click full pic to see shoes

  • katherine

    you can't even see her feet in that picture :P

  • dafish11

    yeppp and now shes in the remake of the Lizzie Mcguire Movie...monte carlo...its just like it btw im not a hater nor a fan but im just saying the truth! :)

  • dafish11

    monte carlo is just like the lizzie migure movie....its like disney is running out of ideas now! im not a hater or a lover- im just saying the truth... :)

  • claudialimon

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  • hater

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