Alicia Keys Gets Waxed in the Big Apple! (PHOTOS)

Alicia Keys' Family Outing
Check out pics from Alicia Keys' first outing with her baby boy!
There have been a lot of firsts for Alicia Keys in the last year!

Between her marriage to rapper Swizz Beats, welcoming her first child and now being honored with her first wax figure, life couldn’t be better for the “Falling” singer.

Making its debut at the famed Madame Tussads’ wax musuem in NYC, Alicia proudly posed with the likes of herself on Tuesday morning.

The figure is rocking all leather, while the real deal was wearing a more summery, green-hued dress. Looking good, mama!

“I actually think it’s really, really good!” she told MTV News. “I was looking close up: It’s like my eyebrows are for real, and it’s like my eyes are for real, and the bone structure of my chin, like, ‘Look, that’s my chin! That’s my jaw!’

It’s definitely one of the better ones we’ve seen, but we have to admit we kind of wish she was sitting at her signature piano! Check out Alicia’s wax figure (and some other celebs who got waxed) in the gallery, then let us know what you think of it by hitting up the comments.

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