Battle of the Hot Joshes! (PHOTOS)

Incase the name Josh wasn’t already sexy enough, these Hollywood hotties take it to a whole new level. Celebuzz wanted to take the time to showcase some of the sexiest Josh’s to ever grace the big screen.

First up? Josh Duhamel is at it again, as Transformers 3 hits theaters on Wednesday, giving us all an excuse to head to the cinema. It’s also safe to say that Hartnett will always have a place in our… well, you know, hearts.

Which Josh ages like a fine wine?

Josh Brolin proves that good looks only get better with age. Speaking of age—Josh Hutcherson may only be 18, but we think most would agree — this kid is more than alright.

Check out all these photos of the hot Josh’s in the gallery, then cast your vote for who YOU think is the hottest on the poll!

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