Define Your Pretty with VH1’s Kita and Mo

Kita and Mo from VHI’s The T.O Show held an event at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood Monday night to support  the “Define Your Pretty” campaign designed empower women  and encourage them to be who they are. The goal is to find out what the word ‘pretty’ means to each individual. It’s a positive way to make young girls learn their own personal meaning and inspiration.

Kita and Mo defined the movement as just being your self. “Its about being pretty determined, pretty fierce and pretty fearless”, Kita said. Many celebs showed up to give their support to Terrell Owen’s career and life coaches.Now in it’s third successful season on The T.O Show, Kita and Mo represent two women who truly worked their way up. Friend Niecy Nash came out to support the two, and when asked how she defines her pretty she said, “My pretty is pretty funny and it’s also pretty confident, pretty confident in my own skin, those are my pretty.”

Cee lo Green’s daughter Sierra (of My Super Sweet Sixteen fame) also showed up to endorse the campaign, and gave Celebuzz a few words on what its like to be the daughter of  the star of The Voice and how she deals with the pressure of being in the spotlight. “Basically I just have a great spirit and a great mindset, and a great heart, so I basically don’t even deal with [all that]”

While a lot of lovely ladies were in attendance, the men also came through to support the woman in their lives. Freddie Smith, former cast member of 90210 and new addition to Days of our Lives, defined his pretty as well.
“I think it’s all about defining who you are. That’s all it is, is defining who you are, being happy with who you are and knowing who you wanna be,” he said.

This event was quite the hit amongst the Hollywood crowd, and what’s better than supporting a wonderful cause?