Heidi Klum Poses Topless for Glamour Magazine (PHOTO)

Heidi Klum told Glamour Magazine (on newsstands July 5) that at the age of 80 she wants to be “walking with a stick down the runway,” and from the looks of this topless pic, the 37-year-old supermodel is on her way to doing just that!

If anyone is at liberty to be dueling out relationship advice, it’s Seal’s wife! The Project Runway host admits that she’s never been one to play hard to get! She said of being the aggressor in the relationship: 

“I’m not someone who plays hard to get. This whole thing about ‘Oh, let’s exchange numbers’ and then people wait four or five days before they call you? I don’t see the point. If you feel something, why would you let that pass? You only live once.”

As for how Heidi keeps things hot between her and Seal in the bedroom, she revealed: 

“There’s nothing wrong with a nice garter belt. I’m not saying you have to put up a pole in your bedroom and start swinging off the rafters. But I love that sometimes!”

Maybe Heidi was offering up her tips to Kim Kardashian when they were spotted running in NYC earlier this week. Kim is looking to marry her NBA beau Kris Humphries by the end of the summer!

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