Linkin Park Rocks Red Square for ‘Transformers’ Premiere (VIDEO)

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With Transformers: The Dark of the Moon set to set the box office on fire when it opens wide on Wednesday, the cast and crew have been traveling the world over the past week to get the buzz going. And, because it’s a pretty big freaking deal, they even had a massive performance by Linkin Park in Moscow to kick things off.

The rockers drew crowds in the tens of thousands to come out to Red Square as they performed their new song “Iridescent.” This is the third time the band has had a single tied to a Transformers movie.

Moscow was just a part of Linkin Park’s time overseas. Following the Red Square concert, they’re spending time traveling across Europe as part of their ongoing tour.

Transformers is set to open up in the U.S. on June 29. Check out the trailer below: