RESULTS: Find Out Who Won Celebuzz's Selena Gomez vs. Beyonce New Album Poll!

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Two of the hottest ladies in the music biz both dropped albums on Tuesday, but only one could win!

Earlier on Tuesday, Celebuzz posed a nearly impossible question to answer -- would you be picking up Selena Gomez's new album, or Beyonce's?

Hundreds of readers voted and we have the results! So, who won the battle of the new album?

It was an insanely tight race, but SelGo won, nabbing 44% of the vote, while 41% said they'd pick B's. But there were 14% of you who just couldn't decided and said you were going to pick up both.

Now we just wait for the real test of these ladies' popularity -- the Billboard and iTunes results!

Do you agree with the winner? Sound off in the comments!



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  • coran101

    umm who are you to talk have you got a career no your probably a neeky fat trap sat on your sofa doing nothign all day! beyonce is better she has natural talent her album is goood not amazing but its still good!! if u think its so bad how did she win an award for it hmmm!! just go shove ur mouth in sum cheeseburgers cuz no 1 wants to hear it!!!

  • Akebu

    Selen yeah!

  • da penguin 1
    da penguin 1

    selena gomez is way better!! beyonce rules but the album just isn't as good. so SELENA!!!

  • o0simon0o

    Ok let's all calm down. Queen B is amazing it's true BUT Selena's album is better! Beyoncé's songs just sucks on this album ... Selena grow up in this album and it's worth at least a listen !

  • YO

    These voters musta been on drugs! How the hell can you choose selena gomez over beyonce who has like the best voice in the world?! Selena could never hit those high notes even if she tried to and her music is just soppy anyways!

  • troy

    Who gives a damn...beYAWNcy needs to go sit her old, overrated, copy-cat a** down somewhere, nobodys checking for her. She's putting her publicist up to saying she's selling and she's not. She needs to go have some babies and let these young girls have their moment and stop trying to hog everything, we're sick of seeing her.

  • thedevil

    Are you kidding me ? You are comparing Selena Gomez with the most talented person in the whole world,Queen B !? HELLO !

  • Lily


  • Lola

    Ow Beyonce's album sold 120.000 copies in 24 hours here in BRAZIL :)