Shera Bechard: Who Is Hugh Hefner’s New Post-Split Girlfriend? (PHOTOS)

Despite the claims of heartbreak and the pain of being a lover scorned, it was pretty clear that Hugh Hefner was going to rebound fairly well following his “shocking” split from Crystal Harris just days before the duo were supposed to marry. And, it seems as though Hef’s doing just fine for himself, as he announced on Monday night that he has a new gal in his life: Shera Bechard.

After being questioned on Twitter, Hef confessed: “Shera is both our November 2011 Playmate & my new girlfriend.” 

So who is Shera? Celebuzz has some answers.

So, Tell Me More About Shera: Well, aside from what Hef said about her impending Playmate status, Shera’s website is a wealth of info. Did you know she was born in the same hometown as Avatar and Titanic pioneer James Cameron? Neither did we! That town would be Kapuskasing, Ontario. At the age of 18, she apparently caught the modeling bug and moved to Toronto and (an undetermined number) of years later, here we are! 

What’s Her, Um, Physique Like? In the Playboy video below from when she was Miss November 2010, Shera declares that she’s 5-feet-six-inches tall, weighs 115 pounds and has measurements of 34-26-36. 

Is She a Blonde or Brunette: It depends on the month. The header on Shera’s site shows her as a blonde, but most of the photos in the gallery have her as a brunette (and a scantily clad one, at that).

Hef Lives With Lots of Girls … Does Shera Have Roommates? Yes, three … and she plans on adding more. On her site, Shera says she shares a roof with the following:

My two cats Arthur & Rufus, and dwarf rabbit Ziggy. Looking forward to having a big house one day so I can have two dogs as well – a Dachshund and a Doberman.

Hef Is a Picky Eater. What Does She Like? Shera’s appetite runs the gamut of taste, everything from her penchant for sushi “especially Eel, Giant Clam, And Raw Scallop” all the way down to a good-old American “nice thick organic Steak.” Meat and potatoes — and eel! That’s our kinda girl.

Aside From Love, What Else Do She and Hef Have in Common?  They both love animals! While peacocks and other wildlife roam the property of the Playboy Mansion, Shera says one of her biggest pet peeves is animal abuse. Also, she’s a big movie fan, so she and Hef will likely be cuddling up for movie night with no problem … for about 10  hours if she picks the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which is on her favorite list.

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