Florence Brudenell-Bruce: Who Is Prince Harry’s Rumored Girlfriend?

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Chelsy Davy or Pippa Middleton who? The Sun is reporting Prince Harry has snagged himself another blonde: Florence Brudenell-Bruce. The 25-year-old swimsuit and lingerie model is said to have captured the ginger’s heart…for the moment. “It’s very early days but Harry and Florence are an item,” a source tells the paper. “She is a lot of fun, blonde and very good-looking. Harry really likes her.”

When asked if it’s true, Florence dodged the paps questions, telling them:” There’s not much to say.”

So who is Florence? Let’s investigate.

Nickname: Friends call her “Flee.”

Royal Connection:  Flee is a descendant of the seventh Earl of Cardigan, who led the Charge of the Light Brigade against Russian forces.

Family Life: In an interview with the Daily Mail a few years ago, she said she grew up in a “supremely secure and happy family.” Flee is the youngest of four children and is the daughter of a wine merchant, Andrew, and his French wife, Sophie. She is still very close to them both.

It’s Natural: Florence is a natural blonde.

Brains and Beauty:  Her parents emphasized education and would not allow Florence to model until she had finished her A-levels at Stowe school. She continued on from there and has a history of art degree from Bristol University.

The Ex Files: Flee dated Formula 1 racing driver Jenson Button, and the two were quite serious. They broke up in 2008 after dating for two years.

Hobbies: Florence has taken acting classes and also enjoys art. Her mother is a painter and her brother Henry is a sculptor. “Modelling and acting are what I do but they can be such a rollercoaster, whereas art is lovely to have in my life as a constant,” Flee has said.