Kendall & Kylie Jenner Answer Fan Questions for Celebuzz Part II! (VIDEO)

Patience pays off!

Last month, we gave you part one of Kendall and Kylie Jenner's fan Q&A session and now we have part two!

The sisters sat down to answer as many fan questions as they could. So, what kind of stuff can you find out in the video?

You'll have to watch the whole thing to find out! Take a look above.

If you have any other questions for them, make sure to follow Kendall (@KendallJenner) and Kylie (@KylieJenner) on Twitter!

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  • Brandon Duff
    Brandon Duff

    Kylie says she likes Lady Gaga, so i make this. Marry me.

  • Emily Doney
    Emily Doney

    Have you guys ever coulored your hair or had a nose job or anything like that?? :)

  • Emily Doney
    Emily Doney

    do you guys wear alot of make up??

  • Jane

    I wonder if you are at all thinking that in real life no 16 year old gets cars for their special days! Please don't end up like your step sisters, you are both adorable so far, so much love to you both Kendall & Kylie! Hold your own & learn to value people & relationships instead of material things!

  • michael

    kendall my question is im coming to america when im 18 for a school of fitness and im wondering if i could meet you the answer is proberly going to be no but god loves a trier haha

  • swanky sara
    swanky sara

    ohh i jus luv kylie, she's sooo gorgous she and cody simspon should date, kendell will look better dating justin biber i luv u guys soo much

  • Julia

    I am a huge fan of yours! This question is for Kylie, do you plan on modeling too? You are stunning and you really should!

  • Nina .....
    Nina .....

    When you guys have photo-shoots , do you like what you wear sometimes? Because they just give you clothes and ask you to pose lol !

  • Genna

    What is your favorite item in your closet? <3

  • arieana

    do u guys have boyfriends

  • Myah

    What is your offical Facebook's ? and where did Kylie get her earcuff from? <3

  • Daniele

    they do

  • Daniele

    can u check out my pics on facebook - My face is DanieleLaShounette and tell me if I have a chance of becoming a model??? thxs give me tips to for an appointment at modeling agency plzzzz!!

  • Mak

    How do you do your eye makeup?

  • jose rene alcala
    jose rene alcala

    i love the show keeping up with the kardashian's

  • katherinewashere

    Kendall & Kylie :D do you any of you have a facebook:D please have this on your next video .((:

  • Katherine

    hey kendall and Kylie ! i have a question , do you have a faceboook :D

  • Sun

    Theyre 13 & 15...are you seriously judging the beauty of children?

  • Juliette

    What is your favorite makeup product?

  • big cat
    big cat

    stalker!!! :o

  • big cat
    big cat

    lol, no love for Latin people?? I will just assume you included latins as white :)

  • big cat
    big cat

    lol, they're both really beautiful! Beauty is subjective so your opinion is just that...

  • big cat
    big cat

    who will win in a fight Kendall or Kylie? lol also, Kendall, would you ever consider recording a hip hop song?? just for fun!! you guys can pretty much do anything!

  • Alex

    lol i know right?

  • Jack

    Kendall is Much much much Prettier and Hotter than Kylie lol kylie doesn't look so good even with all that make up! , But kendall looks Hotter!

  • Shadrima Maevalyn Rurai
    Shadrima Maevalyn Rurai

    I know where they live ;)

  • Abi

    Is Kendall appearing on the tv show LA prep?? When does it air?

  • Steph

    You both are perfectly thin. I thought about modeling but as an athlete can't stay thin enough. How do you do it?

  • Jill

    i have 2 guys are gorgeous. what makeup do you use cuz u both always look perfect and what face wash, moisturizer, and other skin products do you both use cuz ur skin is amazing.

  • hailey

    what kind of makeup do you gyus wear?

  • ilovegossiplol

    what are your favourite hair products? and what do you two use in your hair? , it looks so pretty by the way! <3

  • ash96meg

    how do u play the vidio when i click the big play button on the vidio it doesnt work :/ .. ??

  • Jailene Jimenez
    Jailene Jimenez

    Do you guys have boyfriends? Btw: You guys are so BEAUTIFUL ♥

  • youngmamaxiv

    How do you guys handle attending regular school?

  • Nina .....
    Nina .....

    please have this question on ur next video thanks <3

  • Nina .....
    Nina .....

    Do people ever come up to you and say , "you look armenian" ? and when you guys go to school how to people react when they see you guys?

  • Violet

    Kylie, do ever get jealous that Kendall does all that modeling stuff?

  • fridam

    Could u visit Norway? How Tall are you Kendal & Kylie ? (feet,cm) H&M or Forever 21?

  • VikTor :D :D
    VikTor :D :D

    and how old are you

  • Melissa

    Kendall look just like her sister Kim! (:

  • Lauren

    Do you believe in starving yourself to be a model. Ps...everyone says i look like you Kendall...ive gotten mistaken for you manyy times:)

  • VikTor :D :D
    VikTor :D :D

    i LOVE YOU girls , and you are so awesome

  • VikTor :D :D
    VikTor :D :D

    i LOVE YOU girls

  • lauren09

    What products do you use in your hair? It is so shiny and healthy looking =)

  • kimi

    have you ever thought about visiting newzealand?

  • kayla

    Do u guys know BooBoo Stewart?

  • kristine

    What kind of guys do both of you crush on? Asian, White, Halfers, or Black people?

  • Lardo

    do u guys watch juicystar07 on youtube? and who are your guys' fav. beauty people on youtube?

  • micah

    how much do u guys weigh?

  • rachel

    do u guys have any boyfriends?

  • nikkki

    where do u guys live?

  • nikkki

    Do you guys plan on waiting till marriage to have sex? and intercourse?

  • nikkki

    Do any of you have a boyfriend?

  • nikkki

    Do you guys ever become friends with your fans??? or would you?

  • nikkki

    really only answered what 4 questions???? we waited for a 2 min. video?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Mayra Florez
  • Luis

    do you guys ever play sports who you faver sports and do you play video game home ?

  • Luis

    Hey guys nice video kind cool tv shows one my faver you know big fans you know good luck best ok

  • cassie

    Kendall is so beautiful!

  • Jaci

    Whats your favorite TV show? Mine is your whole family's!