Kim Kardashian and Kelly Ripa Team Up to Fight Ovarian Cancer

QVC PSA - Kim Kardashian and Kelly Ripa
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Two of Tinseltown's finest are joining forces to lend their support in finding a cure for one of the world's least recognizable cancers, ovarian cancer.  

Kim Kardashian and Kelly Ripa are back for a sizzling sequel of public service announcements for QVC Presents Super Saturday Live.  The event benefits the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF).  

Ripa has hosted Super Saturday for the past seven years, and will once again host the event this year in the Hamptons.  Kelly is a longtime supporter of OCRF and says she is excited to be working with Kim again on such a special cause.

"We always have a blast when we're together and it's great to be able to help spread the word about such an amazing event," Ripa says.  

The dynamic duo appear together in both print and television public service announcements for the second consecutive year in a row.  Kardashian is also a strong advocate for OCRF and says with so many women affected by Ovarian Cancer each year, the importance for awareness is now more vital than ever.  "It's truly a pleasure to work with Kelly to make sure that every woman knows the facts about this unrecognizable disease," Kim says.  

Currently in its 14th year, Super Saturday will broadcast live for the fifth consecutive year on leading multimedia retailer QVC.  QVC reaches more than 98 million U.S. households and will allow shoppers the access to get designer styles at HALF the manufacturer's suggested retail price.  

 The special will air on Saturday, July 30th at 2:00 PM E.  

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  • luis

    Yeah, I heard the full conversation on satiellte radio. The comment branched off of a convo of the contrast of old and new music, and how younger cats don't respect the older artists. Then a caller brought up the Miley Cyrus disrespect of Radiohead and Jaime just kept going with it.S.

  • Tsedewdorj

    Woaaaahhhhh Ladies!! I haven't been on the site in a few weeks and I am SO impressed! Everything is lokoing amazing, so much style and detail I feel like my blog stinks now Cry me a river just promise to throw me a shout out when you're being interviewed by some huge publication! Love it, keep it coming and hope to see you guys soon.

  • Jacki Foley
    Jacki Foley

    Kelly & Kim thank you so much for bringing this out in the open. I was diagnosed in Nov of 2010. Stage 3-c! Very scary, had surgery on Dec 2nd, 2 tumor's, 1 the size of a soft ball ( YIKES) just finished chemo ( again YIKES) in june, got the all clear a couple weeks ago!!!!!! I had no idea!!!! Went to see my RA Dr. Told him about how I was feeling, thought it might have something to do with my RA meds. He sent me for a Pet scan, called me that night to tell me I have ovarian cancer!!!! I have an amazing family and a group of friends. In Feb we had what we called " a shearing party" Shaved my head and 1 of my friends shaved her head with me. We had a blast! tried on wigs and scarfs & hats, took pix, drank wine. I decided to deal with it with humor and everyone took their cues from me and we just laughed our way thur it. Have great pix, if you wanna see them, let me know & I will send them, there a Hoot. Of course I have to go for pet scans every 3 month, 60 to 70% chance it could come back. I kinda looked as it as , cancer my have Bitched slapped me, but We kicked cancer ass!! When I say we, I'm including my whole support system. Still recovering from chemo, but getting stronger every day. So again Thank You for getting the info out there. If I had not told my RA Dr. what I was feeling, I fear the out come wound not have been this great. Jacki