Lindsay Lohan is a Free Woman! House Arrest Officially Over

Lindsay Lohan's Woes
A timeline of Lindsay's legal problems.
It looks like Lindsay Lohan will be out and about soon — she’s now officially finished her house arrest. 

“She completed her home dentention today and she’s now back under the supervision of the courts and probation,” sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore says.

The reason her time was cut short — just 35 days out of a 120 day sentence — is because her offense was a nonviolent crime. There were also budgetary issues and overcrowded jails that factored into her sentence. So, what’s next for LiLo?

The legally-troubled actress still has her community service to complete, for starters. She will likely continue to serve at the women’s shelter in downtown Los Angeles, plus she has janitorial duty at the L.A. County morgue. 

In addition, she must keep up with court-ordered psychological counseling and go through a program called Shoplifters Alternative. Her next progress review will be next month on July 21.

Linds will also remain on probation for the next three years — fingers crossed she doesn’t run into any more problems with the law during that time!