Selena Gomez on Negative Comments: 'Obviously It Effects Me'

Selena Gomez Promotes 'When the Sun Goes Down'

"Who Says" Selena Gomez is unlike any other 18-year-old girl? The young star told Ryan Seacrest on his morning radio show that she has insecurities just like everyone else. 

She commented on her catchy new single, saying, "I needed that song. It was empowering and I'm going through the same thing with all this stuff on the Internet and everything. Its just one of those songs that makes you feel good."

How does she handle the haters?

"I don't know everything that's being said, but I know the gist of it," she revealed. "I'm human and I'm 18 on top of it, so obviously it effects me. I try not to focus on it. It's hard to avoid."


When asked about her recent hospital stay, she replied, "I'm good. I was low in iron because I eat a lot of pastas and stuff. I don't get enough protein. I was extremely low in iron. I had to get a blood transfusion for more iron, it was that bad ... It was scary. I hate needles more than anything so I cried like a baby, it was horrible."

Something that's not so terrifying? Her upcoming tour! She gushed about the new show details, saying, "I'm so excited. I've done lots of concerts, but I've never been able to have creative control over it ... I'm going to have wardrobe changes for the first time, dancers, effects, lights; I'm going to have all the really cool stuff." 

She also planning to do a Britney Spears montage! "I don't want my whole set to be about me," she explains. "I want to kind of break it up a little bit, so we're doing this whole Britney mash-up to get the party started, basically." 

Selena's new album When the Sun Goes Down is on iTunes now! 

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  • jessica

    i hate selena!! i hate how everyone makes fun of miley but not selena she is a copier!!!! what bugs me so much is the stupid fans!! NO OFFENCE SELENA FANS BUT GOSH!!!!

  • eliscia

    i love selena and i love justin bieber im soooo happy for them i hope they stay together and have a very good future together xxx

  • wen

    lots of hatersssssssssss

  • Ashley

    I love selena and people shouldn't treat her bad just because she's going out with justin. The people are just jelious.

  • Green Goddess
    Green Goddess

    Thank you, Hannah! Poor grammar drives me crazy. Having such a blatant mistake in the headline makes me wish people had to pass grammar tests before being allowed to take driving tests.

  • Hannah

    "Affects" people, not "effects"...