Taylor Spreitler Talks Family Bonding on ‘Melissa & Joey’

Mississippi native Taylor Spreitler developed a taste for the stage at the age of six, when she won a statewide talent and beauty contest. She went on to model and do commercial work — eventually landing the role of Mia on Days of Our Lives as one of the youngest actors on daytime TV.

The young star tells Celebuzz about what it’s like working on Melissa & Joey — and a case of stolen identity!  

How did you get into acting?
I have always wanted to perform. When I was little, I was the kid who would use the coke boxes that all the coke cans came in and my friends and I would turn them into cameras and we would film music videos — or we would write these little shows. I have always been that kid. I basically told my mom when I was little that I wanted to play dress up professionally. I was like yeah, I want to be an actor. Other than that … I wanted to be an astronaut and then I really wanted to be a cop, but that didn’t work out because I was like seven.

Now you’re on Melissa & Joey, how is it working with those two TV vets?
It’s awesome! I mean, they’re my family. Melissa is my crazy aunt. I literally call her Aunt Mel sometimes. I’ll be like, “Hey Aunt Mel,” I mean, whoa, Melissa. It’s just kind of how we are. Our whole cast and crew, since there are only four of us, there’s not that many people on our show, we all became so close … I had some security problems where people hacked my email and my cell phone and crazy stuff. Melissa was there calling Disney’s security, she was on it. She was like, “don’t worry about it, I’ve got this.”

Someone tried to steal your identity?
Yeah, and they put my phone number on the Internet so I was getting all of these random calls. I was like, “I don’t even know you!”

Did they ever find who hacked you?
Disney’s security is apparently still looking into it … That whole social media and internet and cell phones and all that is so dangerous, especially because it’s so easy to find me at work. The whole thing is scary, but Disney’s security definitely have my back and they are still looking into it. I get updates every now and then.

Has that left you a little weary to use Facebook and Twitter?
I would definitely never put anything personal, even in my direct messages. How they hacked my email is because my email was in there, so I won’t do that anymore. I have an email I will send to people, not my personal email anymore. I’ve learned. I change my passwords every two months now. It’s scary, but it happens. Facebook and Twitter are the ways that I connect with my fans. Just because one bad thing happened to me, I can’t let that effect me. They didn’t do it, it’s not their fault. I can’t not talk to them anymore because it happened to me. I really don’t think kids really realize how easy that stuff can go wrong. You meet people on Facebook, you don’t know who they are … people hide behind their computers. Parents should be so involved in stuff like that because that’s our world now.  

Tell us a little about the new episodes?
They were so much fun to film. We got to do crazy stuff, stuff that’s so relevant but yet we do it in like the crazy way. It’s blown up and it’s great. I am excited for people to see these episodes. It’s stuff that every family goes through, but it’s us going through it. We aren’t exactly that family yet, we are still trying to figure that stuff out.

Melissa & Joey premieres tonight on ABC Family.