The Meet & Greet: Hannah Marks Talks Kristen Stewart & Crushing On Spider-Man

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Welcome back to Celebuzz’s Meet & Greet, where we sit down and chat with rising young stars of film, television and music before they hit the big time. Watch out for these future A-listers!

With her new TV series, Necessary Roughness, premiereing tonight, newcomer Hannah Marks is gearing up for the best summer of her life. Fans may recognize Hannah from her role as Tammy in The Runaways, in which she locked lips with none other than Twilight superstar Kristen Stewart. Hm, wonder how Robert Pattinson feels about that?

Celebuzz got the chance to speak with the adorable actress about the challenges of balancing high school and Hollywood, running her own t-shirt line with her boyfriend and what it is like to work with the new Spidey, Andrew Garfield.

You recently tweeted that you just graduated high school, congratulations! What was it like juggling the stresses of high school­ – homework, boys and drama – while also working as an actress?

Well, thankfully I am home-schooled – I do all of my schoolwork online. I used to go to a private school and it was just too much work. It really is impossible to go to actual high school and also take off time to do filmin, because there is just too much work to make up.  So I do all my school online, that way if I get a little behind it’s easy to make up.

Do you have plans to pursue education further, or is acting your top priority right now?

Yeah, I do! I actually just enrolled in L.A. Valley College. I’m going to do online community college courses to get my credits. So, this way I can still film and be able to do college at the same time because I don’t want to just drop my education. Eventually I would like to transfer to a film school.

You play Lindsay Santino on the upcoming TV series Necessary Roughness. Could you give us an overview of what the show is about and who your character is?

The show is about Dani, who plays my mom. She’s a therapist and she is kind of struggling with her dysfunctional family. She just found out her husband is cheating on her, so she is going through a divorce and her kids are growing up really fast. She doesn’t know what she is going to do about money. All of a sudden she is presented with this amazing opportunity to be the therapist for a football superstar, so the show is about her bringing in all these new famous clients and trying to balance that with her family life.

You talked about how the show deals with divorce and cheating, which definitely hits home for a lot of the viewers. How do you think the message of the show and the obstacles Lindsay and her family have to overcome will fare with your audience?

I think the family is very relatable. I know I can relate to Lindsay, just a couple years ago I was her age and I was a hormonal teenage mess! I really felt the pressure to fit in with my friends and to be liked and I had fights with my mom just like on the show. Lindsay and Dani are so similar, which is why I think they butt heads. I know a lot of mothers and daughters are like that.

Watch a trailer for Necessary Roughness below.

Did you develop a good camaraderie with the cast? Are you close with all of them?

Oh, definitely! We really feel like we’re a family when we’re filming. I’m really close with Patrick [Johnson], who plays my brother, and Callie [Thorne] who plays my mom, I just love her. She is actually one of the main reasons I was so excited to do this show, because I was a fan of hers. I love them all. We get along really well!

What was it like working alongside the likes of Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in the movie The Runaways?

It was awesome! All of my scenes were with Kristen so I got to bond with her. She is really a great, fun person to be around. It was a movie I was really excited to be a part of because I love The Runaways’ music.

Are you a Twilight fan?

I actually am a huge Twilight fan [laughs]! I love Twilight, and a lot of people make fun of me for it but I don’t care, I’m totally Team Edward.

Are you excited for the newest movie?

I am really excited! I have been sending the trailer to all of my friends. I was really excited when it went on Perez Hilton first, that was awesome!

You’re in the newest addition of the Spider-Man series, The Amazing Spider-Man, which is set to be released next summer. Can you tell us about your role and what it was like filming the movie?

I am playing the school nerd, Missy Kallenback, and I have a crush on Spider-Man. But, of course, I don’t know he is Spider-Man so I actually have a crush on Peter Parker. So I am mostly swooning over him in it.

What was it like filming with Andrew Garfield? Any real-life crushes there?

He was awesome! I had no idea he was British actually, even though I have seen a lot of his films, so it was a shock hearing his British accent. He was really nice and totally welcoming, it was really fun to film with him. He made me feel really comfortable.

You’ve been able to film with the likes of Andrew Garfield, Kristen Stewart and Emma Stone; it must be really fun to be able to work with so many members of Young Hollywood!

It drives me to work more and work harder. I see all of their success and I’d love to be able to experience that as well.  

Where they able to help you at all on the set or give you any words of wisdom?

Just watching them was the main help, just observing them. They’re so professional and so experienced that just watching them was the biggest lesson of all, because they are all so talented.

So how do you think this film differs from the previous Spider-man movies?

It’s definitely different because it is a completely new cast and it goes all the way back to high school. It has a totally different vibe­; it’s going to be an entirely different movie. Especially with all of the new technology, they’re filming it on the RED camera, and it’s going be the first movie to ever be filmed 100% in 3-D! So every single frame of the film is in 3-D which is a big first.

What was it like filming in 3-D?

It was cool! It took a lot longer actually, because you are filming with a completely different technology. We were doing a scene in the gym, and they had to film the gym completely first before they even filmed with us in it, because they have to do all the savvy stuff on the computer.

Are they any other actors or actresses that you are dying to work with down the road?

Well, I’d love to work with Johnny Depp [laughs], obviously! Who wouldn’t want to work with Johnny Depp? I’d also love to be on the show Shameless – I got really into the first season on Showtime. I would love to be on that show or work with anyone in that cast.

You said earlier that you are going to try to balance taking classes and acting now that you are done with high school. Do you see yourself acting forever, or do you have any secret career aspirations?

I would love to act for as long as I can, but I would also love to be a director or a producer or screenwriter, I’d love to be involved in this business if it is behind the camera. I also have a clothing line with my boyfriend and couple of my friends, we make t-shirts. We just had our summer line and we are making our fall line right now, it’s going really well. It’s called MUSTRD Apparel.

How long have you been doing that for?

We’ve been doing that for about the last year! We just got with a showroom and now we are in a couple stores, it’s been going really well!

Make sure to tune in on Wednesday, June 29th at 10 pm ET/PT to catch Hannah in the premier of the new USA original series Necessary Roughness!

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