Heidi Klum Talks Running With Kim Kardashian at Hamptons Party (PHOTOS)

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After filming an episode of Project Runway together, Heidi Klum put her new BFF Kim Kardashian to the test when the duo buddied up for a 4-mile run through New York City’s Battery Park. But the svelte supermodel admits by the end of the run, Kim was the one pushing her to go further.

“It was amazing. I had to keep up with her. She is a better runner than me,” Heidi told Celebuzz at the New Balance sponsored Hamptons Magazine party held at STK. Continuing to compliment the reality star, Heidi added: “Kim has a great body and curves. She had not one stitch of makeup on, and she looked gorgeous.”

Although they chatted a lot during the long run, Heidi admits she didn’t give Kim any marriage advice. “I don’t like to give marriage advice because every marriage and couple is different. Everyone needs to work it out and figure it out for themselves,” she said.

Earlier in the day, Kim filmed an episode of Project Runway for the fashion competition show’s ninth season. “It was fun. She knows a lot about fashion, and she is not quiet about what she thinks. We’ve had celebrities in the past who would rather say positive things than say what they really think. She says what she really thinks, which I admire. I like when people have an opinion and aren’t scared to speak it.”

The fashion competition show’s ninth season appears to be showcasing Lifetime’s sexier image — starting with Heidi baring it all on the show’s new ads. “This was definitely sexier than what they normally do, so I was quite surprised they wanted me to do that. I was surprised,” she candidly reveals.

Meanwhile, she’s busy being a dotting mom to her four children — Leni, 7, Henry, 5, Johan, 4, and Lou, 1 — taking her brood to the city’s best parks for fun in the sun.

So have any of her children caught the modeling bug, yet? According to Heidi, her oldest daughter Leni is “starting to play around with the idea.”

“She has a closet full of fun things from hats to belts to jewelry. And she loves wearing my heels… All my kids love dressing up and doing little fashion shows at home,” Heidi said. But she thinks they’re just having fun and will eventually steer clear of the modeling world. “I don’t think Leni wants to be a model because she has other things she’s interested in. She loves nature, has a green thumb and loves animals.”