Robert Pattinson's Got a Gun on Set of 'Cosmopolis' (PHOTOS)

Rob in 'Cosmopolis'
Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis
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Look closely and you'll see that Robert Pattinson is armed!!! The actor was on set of Cosmopolis and looked to be goofing around with the props during some downtime. 

Holding a (prop) handgun, the Twilight heartthrob was dressed down in a pair of slacks and a dingy white graphic T-shirt, hiding his face with a Dodgers baseball cap and a pair of shades. This isn't the first time we've seen R-Pattz get into some shenanigans while filming in Toronto, Canada. 

Earlier this week, Robert got smacked in the face with a cream pie and later saw his tricked-out limo vandalized. However, the antics were all part of the movie! Rob was a good sport about taking a pie in the face for the sake of the film. The star, who was neatly dressed in a white button-down shirt and black slacks, frowned when he was smacked with a pie but later walked away smiling and sneaking tastes of the pie residue on his face and hands.

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  • lisa

    oh just shut up.,,,your really jealous that taylor is not the winner..

  • Dana Holt-Butters
    Dana Holt-Butters

    Can someone tell me what this tshirt is from? I know RS, but is it from a tour?

  • courtneybaaaby

    fuck off i aint jelous of that ugly thing, like seriously look at him, he is so fucken ugly, taylor lautner is soooooo much more sexier than him!

  • shanaa


  • Lisa
    Lisa way courtney...he is the hawtiest person in this world..and what did he do to make you feel like that..jealous.....

  • simplydiffer

    Figured that by the pictures. I'm just saying in general. This guy can't even pull of the voice of Edward without sounding constipated, good luck trying to look trying to be convincing in this.

  • courtneybaaaby


  • courtneybaaaby

    ob you are the uglyiest person in this mother fucking world.

  • chris

    Looks great. Can't wait to see the film. :D

  • what

    maybe because hes not filming anything......

  • you

    yeah right lol you are neither the director or film producer so shut up!

  • simplydiffer

    He does not look convincing at all. Good luck with that.

  • ME

    I hope he's playing some sort of goofball, because Pattinson and his girly hands and thick thighs does not work as a tough guy of any sort.