Selma Blair Flaunts Fashionable Baby Bump (PHOTOS)

Selma's Baby Bump
More pics of that famous bump!
What a better way to start off the summer then with the best accessory of the season — a baby bump! 

Selma Blair was spotted roaming the streets around her Los Angeles home showing off her belly. Strolling around in a striped shirt paired with white pants while rocking a Chanel bracelet, Selma makes being pregnant look fabulous and fashionable.

Last week, Selma narrowly avoided a dangerous situation when she was involved in a car accident with a UPS truck.

Luckily there it was only a very minor collision, and the always-affable Selma was even seen hugging it out with the UPS drivers following the incident.

Blair announced in January that she and boyfriend Jason Bleic were expecting their first bundle of joy. Since they still don’t know the sex of the baby, they’ll be in for a surprise at the end of July when the baby is due!

Take a look through our gallery to see how far along Selma has come!

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