Biker Brand! Russell Gets Feisty With Truck Driver in NYC (PHOTOS)

Brand Bares All
Russell shows off his tighty-whiteys.
Note to all New York City taxi, car and truck drivers: Russell Brand might be that long-haired guy on the bicycle next to you.

Russell’s new two-wheeled method of transportation led to a bit of a showdown, as the Arthur star exchanged some words — and aggressive finger-points — at a truck driver who apparently cut him off. While there’s no video footage of the incident, simply because of his movie star status, we’re going to say that Russell had the right of way. Hey, the guy’s funny! What has the truck driver ever done for us?

Brand has been filming Rock of Ages alongside Tom Cruise, Julianne Hough … and pretty much half of Hollywood. 

Meantime, his lovely wife Katy Perry is on tour, where she’ll be hitting Canada and the central U.S. over the next few days.