Box Office Battle: ‘Transformers 3′ vs. ‘Monte Carlo’ vs. ‘Larry Crowne’ (POLL)

While Transformers 3 may have gotten a head start in the box office, there may be quite the showdown when Monte Carlo, and Larry Crowne make their big debut this Friday.

With Selena Gomez’s album released just a few days earlier, everything SelGo has been at the top of the charts lately. So have your passports ready as you dive into a Parisian vacation that is sure to be any viewer’s idea of the perfect getaway. Leighton Meester is also co-starring in this feature film — could this be an advantage?

Even though Selena has become the “it” girl, Larry Crowne has something that Monte Carlo doesn’t.

And that’s Tom Hanks! Larry Crowne is definitely a movie geared towards a different demographic and could definitely give Monte Carlo a run for it’s money. Beloved T-Hanks stars alongside of the effortless beauty, Julia Roberts. Nothing like adding a Pretty Woman to a film to set sales soaring.

So which film will it be, Monte Carlo or Larry Crowne? Check out the trailers and then make sure to cast your vote in the poll to let Celebuzz know. Oh, and don’t forget–although it seems impossible to– Transformers 3 is still in the running as well!

You can also check out the Transformers 3 trailer below!