Cast of ‘Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures’ Reveal Show Details!

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Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures is the latest comedy-series coming to the Nickelodeon network. The show premniers July 1st on Nickelodeon. Celebuzz toured the set and chatted with the cast about the show, their most memorable scenes so far, what they hope to see happen — plus much more.

The show is about two best friends, Bucket (Taylor Gray) and Skinner (Dillon Lane) who have been best friends since they were little. It’s about all the crazy adventures they go through in high school, and the obstacles they run into with the arrogant and egotistical Aloe (Glenn McCuen). Bucket is also trying to win over the affection of Kelly (Ashley Argota) who has a precocious little sister named Piper (Tiffany Epsensen). 

As for the perfect duo of the show, Bucket and Skinner, you can expect a lot from them. Gray and Lane give us some details on their characters.

“Bucket is a really relatable kid for everyone,” Gray says. “He is the kid who just wants to take high school by storm and wants to be popular. Skinner is the most loyal, outgoing person you’ll ever meet. He’ll do anything to help his friend accomplish to do anything he wants to do and [he’ll] always have his back and [he] comes up with very crazy ideas and plans.”

Even off-set Gray describes how him and Lane are best buds and inseparable: “Dillon and I are best friends. Our schedules are exactly alike. We’re in all the scenes together, we go to school together. We go play ping pong together. Everything is together. He is just an awesome guy.”

And Lane doesn’t let us forget about the best part of their friendship: “We wingman girls together.”

A very typical response from high school boys, but one aspect that wasn’t quite the same was Gray and Bucket’s high school experience.

“Main difference is I haven’t gone through all the same things Bucket does in high school; getting picked on by the school bully, getting thrown in lockers and what not,” he says. “Getting my pants ripped off. I’m glad that one didn’t happen.”

There is one thing though that Gray and Bucket have in common; when that really cute girl that you want to talk to but don’t have the right words to say. For Bucket, that would be the level-headed, popular, smart girl, Kelly. At one point, Bucket was close to scoring a kiss when Kelly almost gives him mouth to mouth, but was stopped when his uncle decides to step in. 

Bucket will have to make a move quick because you never know what to expect from the attention stealing, captain of the surf team, Aloe, who teaches Kelly how to be a lifeguard. 

There will also be lots of food fight action going on with salad dressing or cake thrown at people. The youngest star on the show — and on Nickelodeon right now — is the adorable, energetic 12-year-old Espensen, who shares her favorite scene, which not surprisingly involves food.

“We have this episode called ‘Epic Dance’ and we have this chocolate box and it explodes in Dillon and mines face,” she explains. “So that was fun. It was like sour cream and whip cream all mixed together and it was ike boom with a blast of air and we had to get it in one shot.”

One scene Argota and the rest of the cast would love to do sometime soon channels all of their personal talents. 

“I think we all want to sing,” she says. “We’re all really musical, so we’re all hoping to get an epic musical episode.”

Just in case that doesn’t happen anytime soon, you can at least hear the voices of Gray and Lane who recorded the theme song for the show.

The entire cast is one big, close-knit family that loves to pull pranks on one another (especially on Argota),  play video games and music in their dressing rooms, and go out together. 

Final thoughts on the show come from the body conscious stud, McCuen.

“This show is so sick,” he says. “You have to watch it. It’s the funniest, most epic, most adventourous show ever. It’s not just a show for kids, it’s a show for adults too. It’s so well written, it’s going to be a wild ride everytime you watch it.”

Make sure to catch the series premiere on Nickelodeon tonight! 

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