Happy Canada Day! Celebrate With 21 of the Best Canadian Celebs (PHOTOS)

The fourth of July, aka America’s birthday, might be just around the corner but let’s not forget about our friends up in Canada’s special day!

Today (July 1) is Canada Day, and you might not believe it, but some of Hollywood’s hottest celebs are Canadian-born. That’s right, from rapper Drake, to teen sensation Justin Bieber, and even exes Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, all of these celebrities consider the great white north home.

That’s not all Rachel and Ryan have in common when it comes to their Canadian roots.

Rach and Ryan (who dated after filming The Notebook together) were born in the same hospital in London, Ontario. Although, Rachel was born in November of 1978 and Ryan wasn’t born until November 1980, it’s still pretty crazy!

Wondering why Canadians celebrate this day? Simple! It marks the day the first three colonies of Canada united as a country, and then again when Canada became an independent nation from the UK. It’s pretty similar to America’s fourth of July — BBQ, drinks, and dressing up in patriotic colors. That’s something anyone could get excited aboot! (Sorry, we had to).

So, join us in eating some of the finest maple syrup, sharpen your hockey skates, and proudly displaying that maple leaf flag, and check out some of the best Canadian celebs in the gallery!

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