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Obsessed: Ryan Kwanten
CB's exclusive chat with the 'Blood' hottie.
Lusting over Ryan Kwanten? As the resident ladies man on True Blood, he’s been burning up the screen with a barely-there wardrobe and multiple-hookups for years — but does he raise your temperature like a Louisiana heat wave?

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You’d better get an eyeful while you can, because the actor hints that his troubled character could meet his end this season.

“I think out of everyone this season, [my character] has by far the hardest time staying alive — if he does,” Ryan tells MTV.

Unfortunately, that’s about all he can reveal. “I’m kind of sworn to secrecy,” he adds. “The disclosure agreements I feel are getting bigger and bigger every year, in terms of how much we can and cannot say.” 

He does hint that there are some big surprises this year, in which the series deviates from the book series its based on: “The good thing with the show, even with people who are well-researched, is that you’re constantly surprised. In season one, Lafayette was supposed to die — and he’s still alive, thank God. [Series creator] Alan Ball prides himself on doing a very TV-savvy version of the books … Keeping the fans of the books happy and also making it appealing for an audience.”

That’s where this season’s shockers come in, he says: “Toward the latter third of the [season], there’s a whole new twist that you’ll be very, very surprised by.”

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