'Jackass' Guys Make Ryan Dunn Tribute Video

Bam Reacts to Ryan's Death
Bam Margera reacts to Ryan Dunn's death. Watch »

One things for certain, Ryan Dunn was loved. The production company Dickhouse that's responsible for the Jackass movies released a tribute video to the late star that features some of his best moments caught on camera.

Dunn was a major part of the Jackass series, movies and also of the offshoot show Viva La Bam. Check out the video and feel free to leave your sympathies in the comments below. 

Ryan was traveling at 130 miles per hour when he crashed his Porsche and died a violent death. The causes of death were due to blunt force trauma to the head in addition to the car bursting into flames. He was 34 years old.

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Dunn's Last Film
Watch Dunn in 'Jackass 3-D.' Read More »


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  • Rick White
    Rick White

    Screw him. The guy deserved to die when he gets drunk and gets behind the wheel. Selfish, stupid moron that could have killed innocent people. People need to stop giving drunk drivers a "pass" because "everyone" has done it.

  • Noah

    Johnny Knoxville's memorial post about Dunn was on point: http://www.dickhouse.tv/dickhouse/2011/06/from-knoxville-with-love.html

  • Stacy Curry
    Stacy Curry

    rip ryan dunn gone but never forgotten

  • Stacey Wyatt
    Stacey Wyatt

    It's still so unbelievably sad that Ryan isn't here. He (and the rest of the Jackass crew) made us all laugh, cheered us up, made us cry...from laughing so damn hard. We've grown up watching you all. And were all so lucky to have shared those moments of his life with him. *prayers* to his friends and family...he is with you everywhere...everyday. Heaven just got a lot, lot funnier. RIP RYAN <3

  • Joe Ravine
    Joe Ravine

    I knew from the second I saw it I loved jackass. But I never realized how important it and the cast was to me until I heard that Ryan Dunn passed away. I guess the consequence of such extreme laughter is the weight of the sorrow when the source of the laughter is extinguished. Thanks and blessings to all the Jackass crew. Long live the memory of dick farm Dunn.