Jennifer Aniston: The LBD Queen (PHOTOS)

The little black dress is a long-standing fashion staple, but there's nobody in Hollywood who works the look in more ways than Jennifer Aniston: The LBD Queen!

The ultimate California girl (she was born in Sherman Oaks, CA), Jen's effortless appearance perfectly reflects the Golden State's style sensibilities.

She always seems relaxed, yet chic -- never overdone or too casual. All with the help, of course, from her army of LBD's!

Miss Aniston mixes up the seemingly simple look with various designs, neck-lines, hem lengths, stockings, fabrics and of course, accessories. Most recently, she sparkled in a black sequins LBD at the premiere for her new movie Horrible Bosses

Natch, Jen gets just as much attention for her romantic endeavors -- most recently with her new man, Justin Theroux. The duo have yet to confirm their coupledom, but they’ve been almost tied at the hip when it comes to traveling and being in the same city of late.

Click through our tribute gallery to see why Jen-An is so clearly worthy of the LBD crown. All hail the queen! 



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  • brian

    I want to be her slave for ever. I would eat her shit if she told me to. Jen is a Goddess.

  • Robert Dubois
    Robert Dubois

    I would love to see that whole leg. I am in love with this woman. Brad pitt is stupid.

  • peppa

    Love the shorter hair do!

  • tahoegeminii

    more poser bull-she IS NOT a CA girl-she may have been calved in CA but grew up in NY as a spoiled fat black frizzy haired city snob-her cali girl schtick for instance is as fake and posed as is gets-I get so sick of NY sleaze queens straightening their frizzy hair -bleaching it -dumping on a gallon of bronzer and posing as Cali girls-she looks like a Minnesota soccer mom-but has not had kids to preserve her figure-well I hope not having Brad's kids was worth being a self centered wanna be-somehow I don't think so-what a loser

  • Dawn Cheek
    Dawn Cheek

    She looks happy, and so vibrant....go Jen.

  • iris14

    jennifer aniston very sexy hottttttttttttt


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