Kim Kardashian Tweets Sexy Bikini Shot! (PHOTO)

Kim's Bikini Montage (VIDEO)
Kim Kardashian Bikini Video
Peep Kim in all her bathing suit glory. Watch »

Kim Kardashian knows how to work it!

The sexy reality star recently tweeted this photo of herself from a photo shoot, and the bride to be was looking crazy hot in a red two piece.

Kim said:

"Bikini & a jean jacket...summertime swag"
Summertime swag indeed!

Take a look at more photos of Kim (as well as a slew of other celebs) in a bikini below!



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  • Ala

    She should quit whining people judge her on her physique: what else do you expect people to do when you get famous by showing the world your butt, then taking your clothes off for every magazine?

  • Nicole

    she really needs to get over herself. I'm surprised her head hasn't exploded yet. No, not jealous, No, not a hater. Just starting a fact!

  • youngmamaxiv

    she doesn't need to loose any more weight! She looks fab!