Kristin Chenoweth Banned from ‘Glee’?

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Word is that Kristin Chenoweth won’t be back for season three of Glee. Sad face!

Creator Ryan Murphy says he’s putting a ban (of sorts) on guest stars and tribute episodes — something the show took a great deal of criticism for this past season. Kristin (who guested on another FOX show this week as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance) says she understands the decision, but that the news is a “bummer.”  

“I think he’s trying to get his show back,” Kristin tells Zap2it. “I think he’s trying to really concentrate on his characters. I actually understand that. I get it. People want to see those characters.”

Even so, she’s sad to see her character go. “Of course it’s a bummer for me because I love April Rhodes,” she adds. “But he needs to get his show back, so I get why he’s doing that.”

It’s not like the pint-size performer has a ton of time to do further guest spots, anyway. She has her first country album, Some Lessons Learned, coming out this September, plus a new ABC show called Good Christian Belles that will air this fall.