Mary Kay Contest Gives Women A Chance at Filmmaking!

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Mary Kay has always been focused on empowering women, and now the company is giving women the chance to make films with a mission! 

The cosmetics company, whose goal is to help women achieve personal growth and financial success, is hosting a film project that invites women nationwide to share in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.   

Finalists will fly out to Hollywood and shoot a series of three documentaries with three celebrities about domestic violence.  Two of the celebrities have already been announced for the project; actresses Joanna Garcia-Swisher and Alexa Vega  have both signed on.  

The films’ goals are to inspire, educate and create a national conversation about the issue of domestic violence alongside some of the celebrities who share a commitment to the cause.  Not only will the lucky women have the chance to make film magic with celebrity insiders, but they’ll also be bringing awareness to an important cause! 

The participants will be selected and flown out to Hollywood in August. We can’t wait to see how the chosen women bring awareness to such a serious issue!