Princess Diana’s 50th Birthday: A Look Back at Her Royal Wedding (PHOTOS)

The original "People's Princess" would be 50 years old today, July 1, and seeing as Prince William just said "I do," Celebuzz looks back at Princess Diana's lavish wedding to Prince Charles, and her life in the spotlight. 

The publication High 50 asked those close to Diana what they imagined she would be like at 50. Her couturier and confidant Bruce Oldfield is confident she would still be making a difference.

He told High 50

"I don't think she would have turned into one of those ladies who lunch or who are on the boards of endless charities. There was no self-aggrandisement behind her choices. She took things on where she could make a difference. [...] I doubt she would have stayed in the UK. I could see her in the United States, but not Europe -- for a start she didn't speak any languages. But New York, yes, I could see her walking down Fifth Avenue and being allowed to get on with it."
Prince William and his new bride Kate Middleton will be in North America during his late mother's birthday. They arrived in Canada yesterday, June 30.

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  • Emi

    This is a great post. I am somewhere in the midlde. I don't think we should judge quickly or without reason, but as social creatures we are vulnerable to the thoughts and opinions of those around us. Re: Kim Kardashian - I judge her because I feel like her actions cheapen the idea of commitment and marriage. Yes, she made a mistake and she is human, but she also used incredibly poor judgement and clearly does not hold commitment to a high level of respect. It sickens me. But, you are right. We never know what happens behind closed doors and in the end, it is only she who will have to deal with the ramifications.

  • Nelsiton

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    Got it! Man, oh man, I WISH I could go to the con I'm so close! But I think school must come first, sadly. (Ok, ok, and I don't want to go by myslef.) Perhaps next year!

  • Fernanda

    Meu sogro e minha sogra

  • Angela

    she was a beautiful bride. and they were the pair.