The Meet & Greet: Aaron Perilo, ‘True Blood’s’ Newest Vampire

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Welcome back to Celebuzz’s Meet & Greet, where we sit down and chat with rising young stars of film, television and music before they hit the big time. Watch out for these future A-listers!

Calling all fangbangers: there’s a new vampire in Bon Temps! Newcomer Aaron Perilo will be joining the cast of True Blood this season as Blackburn, an ancient vampire with an insatiable blood lust. In addition to his role on True Blood, this hunky actor will be lending his talent to the HBO series Luck, as well as the upcoming sci-fi thriller In Time, starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.

Aaron took time out of his busy schedule to chat with Celebuzz about his upcoming projects. and what it was like working out with the cast of True Blood – turns out Stephen Moyer is quite the jokester!

You grew up in a very theatrical family: two out of four of your siblings are also actors. What was it like growing up, do you all know you wanted to act from a young age?

I didn’t know that I wanted to act as a profession until my junior year of high school. I began doing theater as a young child and I was inspired by my older siblings because I would watch them at a very young age in theaters, and they kind of inspired me creatively. So, I tried it out and it was really fun! I was really just doing it for fun, I mean it’s still fun, so I chose that path because my motto is that I wanted to make money and have fun at the same time.

Were you a fan of True Blood before you got the part?

Yeah, I was a huge fan! I’ve watched every single episode religiously, so it was actually really surreal being on set and being in that whole fantasy world that I was obsessed with for the last few years.

Being such a big fan, what was it like auditioning for the role of Blackburn?

It was cool because I kind of had already done my research, just from watching the show. There is a certain sick sense of humor that the show has, I would say that was what I utilized the most in my audition, because my character does kind of have a bloodthirsty attitude. I just want to get bloody at the drop of a hat.

What can we expect from your character and from True Blood this season?

Well, what I can tell you: I get brought in to Bon [Temps] on a special request. I get sent for.

Watch the True Blood Season 4 trailer below:

The vampire trend has been huge in the last couple of years ­– what do you think sets True Blood apart from the other shows and films about vampires?

Well its on HBO so you can kind of do a lot more with the grittiness and the gore, which I think is important for a vampire show. I mean, no offense to like, Vampire Diaries, or any of those shows, but its kind of child’s play compared to True Blood.

Did you watch any of those other shows?

I’m only a fan of True Blood when it comes to vampire shows. I’ve seen those other shows, yeah, I gave them a chance but they’re kind of…they’re kind of silly [laughs].

You mentioned that you’re allowed to do a lot more with HBO, and you’re also working on a new show Luck on HBO as well – what do you think it is about HBO that makes it so successful as a network?

They hire brilliant creators, like Allen Ball, David Milch and Michael Mann. They just use quality. They don’t treat their TV series as TV series, they treat them as mini-series, well, features really. Well, with Luck and True Blood, my experience was that they shoot like it’s a film, they don’t shoot like it’s a TV show, and they treat it as such.

What was it like working on set with the likes of Alexander Skarsgård and Stephen Moyer?

Yeah, it was great! I had a really great time. Stephen was the person who I worked with the most and he is hilarious, he’s a really funny guy. He just brings a lightheartedness to the set, which is really, really nice. Sometimes I’ve been on TV sets and its just way too serious and people get a little tensed up. But he is cracking jokes and just being funny and making things really nice. Alexander Skarsgård is a really, really nice person, he is probably the most humble actor I have ever met. He is just a really kind, kind soul.

Aside from True Blood, what can we look forward to seeing you in next?

I have a couple movies coming out at the end of the year. I have a small role in a movie called In Time, I worked with Justin Timberlake in that. That should be a really fun movie, it’s a sci-fi thriller. I have a dark comedy coming out at the end of the year, its called Sassy Pants [laughs], it’s a funny title. I worked with Hayley Joel Osmond, Diedrich Bader, and Ashley Rickards in that. That’s a dark comedy set in a small-town trailer park.

Make sure to catch Aaron as vampire Blackburn on Season 4 of True Blood, which airs on Sundays at 9 pm on HBO!