Happy Birthday, Lindsay Lohan: A Look Through the Years (PHOTOS)

Lindsay's Court Fashion
From sexy to sassy, revisit Lohan's legal looks.
Aside from the independence of America (as well as herself), Lindsay Lohan has even more reasons to celebrate this weekend: It’s her birthday!

Little Miss Lohan, who the world has seen grow up in front of our very eyes, is turning 25 on Saturday, July 2. Thankfully for her, she can go celebrate outside of the confines of her house, as Lohan’s house arrest ended just days ago. And with Lindsay hitting the quarter-century mark, it felt right to take a look at her journey to this milestone over time. There have been a whole lot of changes — professionally, physically, legally — since the freckle-faced kid version of Lindsay hit the scene in The Parent Trap until 2011, where she’s been in and out of court, rehab, house arrest, etc.

From kid to adult, blonde to brunette to redhead … enjoy the journey of Lindsay Lohan in the spotlight — and happy birthday, Linds!