Battle of the Hot Johns! (PHOTOS)

Celebuzz is declaring war again with the battle of the hot Johns! They each might have different spelling or variations of the names, but that doesn’t chage our love for them.

First up at the front line is Johnny Depp. Depp is sexy for so many reasons, one of which being his turn as a Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates movies. He could kidnap us any day! But sometimes there’s no need to search the seas, when you can spot a hottie right in The Office, like John Krasinski.

So, which man do we go mad over?

Jon Hamm gives meaning to madness! And what’s a war without an ambush? John Mayer has definitely ambushed the media with his ups and downs, but let’s admit — he holds a pretty steady spot in our hearts.

Now it’s time for those hotties who are oldies but goodies. John Stamos may have started out as a heartthrob on Full House, but his hotness has only grown throughout the years. And last but surely not least is Jon Bon Jovi. He has woman from all eras swooning over his hunkiness, so its safe to say that his hotness is timeless.

So whether its Jon, John, or Johnny, these babes have us stuttering their names.

Check out all these photos of the hot Johns in the gallery, then cast your vote for who YOU think is the hottest on the poll! (PS, if you’re going to vote for Mayer, let us know by dropping a comment!)

Let’s not let the men get all the attention—make sure to check Celebuzz’s gallery of the hot Jessicas.