Sandra Bullock, Madonna & More: Celebrities Who Adopt! (PHOTOS)

Celeb Family Fun
Celeb fams have some good ol' fashioned fun.
There are plenty of celebs out there who have had kids the natural way, but there are those stars out there who chosen to expand their brood by adopting.

We all know the usual suspects, such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (who have adopted a total of three kids, all from three completely different countries), but there are some adoptions that have caught people by surprise.

Case in point?

Sandra Bullock is one lady that has kept her adoption under wraps. The talented actress hid her adoption plans from the media for four years before anyone found out — sneaky Sandra!

Also, Denise Richards recently announced that she had adopted a baby girl, which definitely came as a surprise. This adoption go Celebuzz thinking — who are some other celebrities who have chose to add onto their families by adopting?

Take a look at the gallery to see which other Hollywood stars have adopted adorable children — it may even get you in the mood to want kids!