Prince William & Kate Middleton: Dragon Boat Race! (PHOTOS)

Will & Kate's Trip
A guide to the couple's visit.
As we celebrate Independence Day here in the US, the royal couple made a break for the border in a boat to flee towards freedom! Ok, not really.

Prince William and wife Kate Middleton continued their North American visit in Canada today, first by touring the Province House, followed by a dragon boat race at the Prince Edward Island boat race. The two led teams of local athletes and are actually rather competitive, often playing against one another in various sports.

So, who won the race?

Prince William took the lead by a third of a length. He was a good sport, however, giving Kate with a sweet hug as they got off their boats.

It seems Will’s prediction came true. Before the race, he was asked by People who would win and replied: “We are. Of course!” Kate had admitted she was “feeling slightly nervous.”

Perhaps not as nervous as earlier in the day, as she watched her husband perform an emergency drill before a group of onlookers. Will demonstrated “waterbirding,” used to land a helicopter safely in water during an emergency — a technique developed in Canada.

After the boat race a barbecue reception followed, not unlike the thousands of backyard barbecues around the US today  — except probably a little more fancy.

After the reception, the couple depart for the coastal town of Summerside via helicopter to watch a search & rescue demonstration before heading out to Yellowknife, a small city in the far north of Canada.

Over the past few days, Will & Kate have attended various events and celebrated Canada Day while touring the country. During a tree planting ceremony in Ottawa, they took a moment of silence at a tree close by that was planted by Prince Charles and the late Princess Di, who would be 50 this month.