Amber Rose's Curly Red Hair: Yay or Nay? (PHOTOS)

Yay or Nay?
Amber Rose -Hair

Voluptuous model Amber Rose was barely recognizable when she stepped out in Atlantic City rocking a curly red wig. Amber covered up her famous bald top to party the night away during Jamie Foxx's Celebrity Weekend at Ceasar's Atlantic City.

She played up to the cameras -- messing with her new hair and blowing kisses to the paparazzi. Amber, who rose to prominence while dating Kanye West, wore a curve-hugging dress as a filmed her upcoming VH1 series, Behind Her Shades. The reality show will follow her business venture to open her sunglasses store later this year. What do you think of Amber's new 'do: Yay or Nay? Vote on the poll and leave us a few comments!

Meanwhile, her romance has been heating up with rapper Wiz Khalifa. Although engagement rumors about the pair run rampant, the couple have not officially confirmed the news.

Earlier this year, the couple were spotted making out while at Sens nightclub in Paris. Whew! The heat is on for these two lovebirds!



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  • Brenda Armstrong
    Brenda Armstrong

    Very pretty!!

  • Jessica

    I think that Amber Rose is pretty with hair and with out hair she is just really pretty

  • Johanna Chesser
    Johanna Chesser

    So what if she has a wig on.. Always a black woman talking down another black woman always so negative towards one another.. I dont keep up with her personal life because Im not celeb junkie however I always thought she was a beautiful woman...

  • sharmaine73

    Cancer patients, senior citizens, and people who see you standing in the welfare line are throwing wigs at you? Maybe you should take the hint and do something with that head!

  • RSX

    I don't know about all that. Most women in Hollywood keep it to color changes or doing the opposite and cranking a pixie cut like Emma Watson or Natalie Portman did. I think she looks good, I was simply the arguing with the alleged prevalence of wigs.

  • Fefo

    Now she wish she had hair? This chick is confusing..

  • wcg

    Every girl in Hollywood wears extensions and wigs sometime or another RSX your just to stupid and naive to know.. She looks good either way

  • maya

    lol she dont got cancer but shes on welfare, lmao, the wig itself doesnt look natural if it were more natural looking or her real hair then it would be fine is what i think shes tryin to say,not that people shouldnt wear wigs, i like her either way, both looks are nice on her

  • Amber Washington
    Amber Washington

    she look sexy in that pic with or with her hunny no how to work it and seeing as to ha=ow she once did have long hair it dosnt matter shed still look like amber rose just not the one ur use to seeing

  • eshia

    dont be a fuckin hater dude my cuzin weres weav and she aint got cancer

  • RSX
    RSX what world? I only catch wigs/weaves in the cancer ward, retirement home, and the welfare line

  • lola

    I don't like the wig besides, she's already pretty she doesn't need to wear some raccoon on top of her head.

  • Ms Texas
    Ms Texas

    She is soo pretty she can pull off any look. I say if you can do it then DO it!!.. i like it.

  • rlynnah


  • LeChe

    she look stupid with that wig on,thats why i fucked her man while she was out shopping dumb plastic bitch!

  • tina

    She looks great in this wig, don't hate!

  • tina

    So what that its a wig. Most women wear some sort of hair enhancement. It she looks great, "don"t hate Plain Jane".

  • sydsouth

    * I only don't like it because it's a wig, her real hair would be much better obviously. I'm sure this is just a "trying it out" type thing. She could pull it off, anything probably. * =}

  • Noah

    She should have gone with a Bieber cut.

  • Jen

    Amber has been trending with her blond fade haircut for a long time now. That's not easy to go without long hair and still be fabulous. If Amber had long hair people would say "Kim Kar-who?" cause Amber would steal the spotlight from everybody.

  • danielleakame

    can i say nay to both?