Celeb Tattoos: Guess Who?! (PHOTOS)

Disney Stars Get Inked
A guide to Disney stars' many tattoos.
What is one of the hottest accessories for celebs these days? Fresh ink!

It seems that practically everyone has been tatting themselves up, even those that you would never expect.

Who are some of those stars, you ask?

Well for starters, newlywed (and mom of two) Reese Witherspoon recently got some ink. Jennifer Aniston also got a tattoo in remembrance of her 15-year-old pup Norman who passed away. Aww!

There are plenty of other Hollywood folks out there who love them some ink, so play Celebuzz’s “guess whose celebrity tattoo” game and check out the gallery to test your knowledge!

Whose tattoo do you think is the wildest? Let us know in the comments!