Forbes Reveals Hollywood’s Top Paid Ladies: Kristen Stewart is Tied With Who?!

Forbes Top Money Makers
Check out highest earners of 2010
Forbes just put out their list of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, and most of the gorgeous faces shouldn’t come as a surprise. The list is based on how much these gals earned May 2010 – May 2011.

Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker tie for number one.

But it’s who Kristen Stewart shares her spot with that we find interesting!

Kristen is tied for third on the power list with Julia Roberts (even though she’s listed sixth)! After Angie and SJP, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are tied at second raking in $28 million and K.Stew and Julia are next with $20.

That’s quite the honor for Stewart- who is by far the youngest actress on the list at 21- to share with an Oscar winner!

Finishing out the top 10 respectively: Katherine Heigl, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock, and Meryl Streep.