Giveaway Alert! 'Breaking Bad' Gives You a Chance to Meet & See Incubus Perform LIVE!

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The award-winning AMC show Breaking Bad is almost back on air with its fourth season, and they wanted to do a little something to help get viewers (even more) excited!

They've teamed up with hit band Incubus and are offering a once in a lifetime experience.

So, what exactly is up for grabs?

You get the chance to go in the "Breaking Bad Lab" with Incubus! You'll win a trip to a secret location to watch Incubus prepare for their upcoming world tour. You'll meet the band, see how they create their live experience and be one of the first to see them perform songs from their new album 'If Not Now, When?"How cool!

Be sure to catch the season premiere of Breaking Bad  Sunday, July 17 at 10/9 c only on AMC. 

Watch the season 4 trailer here!

Winner and a guest receive: Roundtrip airfare for two (2), Two (2) nights hotel accommodations, local airport transfers and passes to the event.

How to enter: Leave us one comment telling us your favorite Incubus song of all time, and we’ll pick one winner at random on Wednesday, July 12. Please note: you must sign in to Celebuzz or via Facebook to comment.

Good luck and get commenting!

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Default avatar
  • rlynnah

    yeah seriously does anyone know??

  • rlynnah

    is the contest over? do we know who won?

  • Rebekah Roby
    Rebekah Roby

    do you know how we find out who wins?

  • downtown

    I wanna win. Please pick me!!! The best Incubus song is Anna Molly.

  • birdybabe

    Make Yourself rocks!

  • lilfoxyroxy

    My favorite song is Drive. Please pick ME.

  • martinigirl


  • veggiegurl

    Love love love the song Stellar!

  • bebe

    Incubus can not make a bad song, my fav is Nice to know you.

  • radiolove

    This band will never get old. Pardon me is a great song.

  • mintgreen

    ahhhh is it still open??? my favorite song is dig! i wanna win this!!! dude this would be so insane, incubus is wicked. and go breaking bad, best idea!!

  • bottleshock111

    Incubus I..." wish you were here!"

  • rogues1

    vitamin. vitamin. vitamin. vitamin. vitamin. vitamin is the greatest song

  • peachplumpear

    best giveaway alert yet! There is seriously no song like Stellar, we'll still be loving this song 50 years from now. Well done, Incubus, well done.

  • everythingsfine

    The new Incubus album does not disappoint! Promises Promises is a must!

  • unstoppablenow

    Oil and water

  • nebula

    Sweet. Just got the album on itunes! my new favorite song is Switchblade, its wicked.

  • pkal

    what! how did i not know about this? ok incubus is like one of my most favorite bands! umm id say my favorite song is drive, it just has the best lyrics <3

  • blondie1983

    "Are you in?" Best Incubus song ever! This contest rocks!

  • gerghan

    yeah breaking bad! i love Jesse <3 Hmm my fav incubus song of all time has to be megalomaniac

  • vmarc

    love hurts...ain't that the truth

  • gvent


  • beckyboy

    "Seeing you is like pulling teeth and hearing your voice is like chewing tin foil." -Best lyric ever. Many a relationship has ended with that quote. Thanks 'Blood on The Ground' for being a great song.

  • februaryleaf

    I absolutely love Talk Shows on Mute. Its a great video, and even better song. It reminds me of when MTV actually used to play music videos! I was always stoked to see a new Incubus video, they have awesome ideas

  • hatsoff

    My favorite song is Glass. I reallly hope they play it on tour this time! SCIENCE is the best album, Incubus is the best band!

  • curtaincall

    sick sad little world

  • leahrose

    incubus' #1 fan here! Beware!Criminal is the coolestt track, one of my favorites of all time.

  • prettychick

    neat. my favorite song is anna molly. anyone know how we're contacted if we win? and it says they'll pick on wednesday, july 12? today is tuesday, july 12. do they mean the 13th?

  • khale

    NO way, this would be a dream come true! Incubus is definitely in my top 5 bands of all time. Their songs are so inspirational and you always have one to relate to at sometime in your life. There is a strong message in every song. My favorite would have to be The Warmth.

  • highheels8


  • summarain

    am i too late?? It would be so great to see Incubus live, I am a huge fan and have never had the chance to go. My favorite song of all time is Crowded Elevator! Im gonna have to start watching Breaking Bad now!

  • highheels8

    Ooo love incubus, Brandon Boyd is hot! Circles is the best!

  • baymama

    Pardon me

  • Mae Boughen
    Mae Boughen

    im just finishing the last season of breaking bad. pretty cool. my favorite song is megalomaniac.

  • babyblues88

    There are so many to choose from! Here in my room is just beautiful, I'd pick that. Please pick me!

  • coffeecioffi

    dude thats actually a hard question. Ima have to say Make Yourself..sick song

  • ttcouch

    STELLAR--sick song. seriously, something super spectacular!! Hows that for alliteration? haha

  • patsmit


  • blueglitter

    super cool giveaway, my favorite incubus song of all time is Wish You Were Here.

  • flowrpowr213

    Oh I wanna win!! Dig, for sure

  • morningglory

    Two of my favorite things coming together- Incubus and Breaking Bad! July 17th will be here soon. My favorite incubus track is Adolescents!

  • b1ahanna

    I love incubus! All their songs are great, but I especially love Aqueous Transmission. I dare you to find a more relaxing song!

  • chyeahh

    hmm gotta go with Redefine!

  • rlynnah

    Pardon Me rocks, but the acoustic version is amazing, thats my fav.

  • Courtney Shuster
    Courtney Shuster

    My favorite song of all time is Anna Molly! During poetry week in high school, instead of analyzing Frost or Cummings I chose Boyd...Brandon Boyd :) I got the best grade in the class, and made my teacher an Incubus fan!

  • tticktock16

    Version!! pumped for the new season of Breaking Bad!

  • laisydaisy

    Have You Ever is my favorite song!! "Unabashed honesty would be ideal, but a prophet did once say that honesty is a lonely word." -How true is that!

  • monetlvr

    I'm really into their new album! I think my favorite my favorite song from it is Promises, Promises. Incubus never lets me down with new music!

  • Rebekah Roby
    Rebekah Roby

    My absolute favorite Incubus song is New Skin! What other band can use a physics term like "Electromagnetic Spectrum" in their song and still have fans wanna go crazy and mosh?!? Genius!

  • pochalove37

    It looks like a lot of people on here agree, Dig is definitely the best song! Love Incubus!

  • devorsy18

    woah great giveaway, my favorite incubus song of all time is drive. classic!

  • ducky88

    Pick me! Dig is the best Incubus song! Shows their softer side.

  • rogerthat

    my favorite incubus song has to be "Warning" p.s. Breaking Bad rocks...almost as much as Incubus!

  • rlroby91

    Incubus has been my favorite band for 10 years and I would be ecstatic to finally see them live! The last thing I won was my 4th grade spelling bee. Nope, I lied, I couldn't even win that...I came in 2nd :( It'd be really amazing to win something for once! In fact, I wasn't even going to enter this because I thought I'd never have a chance. But as my new favorite song says- "IF NOT NOW, WHEN?"

  • beanna42

    Breaking Bad is great! Cool idea, my favorite incubus song is Wish You Were Here.

  • pickmepleaseiloveincubus

    Wow this sounds like an amazing opportunity! As a huge fan, all of Incubus' songs have had an effect on my life. The one that means the most to me is The Warmth, every aspect of that song is incredible!! And Breaking Bad is an awesome show!

  • sunset86

    ROGUES rocks <3

  • incubusrocks

    I'll choose a lesser known gem, Crowded Elevator. Definitely my favorite!

  • jkclark89

    Redefine, without a doubt.

  • Nicole Kollar
    Nicole Kollar

    My all time favorite song is Echo!!!

  • skandyg

    Wow this would be amazing to win. My favorite show of all time and one of my favorite bands of all time! So many great songs to choose from, but I'd probably say Here in My Room.

  • misslane13

    Love Hurts!

  • alex coria
    alex coria

    My girlfriend and I have to go with Dig, that song says it all I dedicate it to her (=

  • Rust Hawk
    Rust Hawk

    Dig. This is one of your best giveaways ever! (And Breaking Bad is one of the best shows ever!)

  • martindavila

    Make Yourself is an epic Incubus song! I'm so stoked for the new season of Breaking Bad!

  • dixiedoodle

    11am...please pick me!

  • Sean Petty
    Sean Petty

    I love Incubus! My favorite song is Pantomime… also Breaking Bad is awesome! Jesse and Walt are amazing!

  • Sean Petty
    Sean Petty

    I love Incubus! My favorite song is Pantomime... also Breaking Bad is awesome! Jesse and Walt are amazing!

  • Pamela Kearns
    Pamela Kearns

    My favourite Incubus song has to be Echo. It is truly a masterpiece of music,and I'm literally Incubus's biggest fan!Been to almost every single show so meeting them would make my life! Not to mention Breaking Bad is also a truly great tv show,I can see it lasting a long time.

  • cjtschann

    I have so many favorites! If I had to choose it would be Smile Lines (acoustic version because I love the guitar). Favorite band and great tv show!!! ***wasnt signed in above***

  • Caitlen Jae
    Caitlen Jae

    I have so many favorites! If I had to choose it would be Smile Lines (acoustic version because I love the guitar). Favorite band and great tv show!!!

  • Todd

    "dig" is the one. divorced, on the floor, bent so many ways i felt like origami in a rainstorm, i met a new woman -- one who wished for a porchlight as much as i did and knew it had to be held in truth. so "dig." at least we dig each other. incidentally, "breaking bad" is the best show on tv.

  • candicesmn

    There's no other song like 'Here In My Room!' Only superb talent could create that masterpiece! Cheers!

  • Candice Simon
    Candice Simon

    There's no other song like 'Here In My Room'! Only superb talent could create that masterpiece! Cheers!

  • Katia Flaska
    Katia Flaska

    my favorite incubus song is idiot box

  • Marc Albuck
    Marc Albuck

    My favorite Incubus song is "The Warmth" !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • twinklemepink06

    My favorite Incubus song is Stellar. Brandon Boyd's intelligent lyrics are captivating.

  • moonlightdeceptions

    My favourite definitely has to be Anna Molly!

  • wheat636

    My favorite Incubus song is Favorite Things, but in a close second is Drive.