Holly Madison: Friends with Benefits!

Holly Shows Off
Madison struts her stuff for a booze ad.
Dinner conversations among friends these days usually includes a discussion on the issue of “friends with benefits” and whether it works or not. One of our favorite celebs, Holly Madison, recently shared her thoughts about it with Celebuzz, and even has a story that will surprise you! Read Holly’s story below and connect with her on Facebook!

I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant to advocate this type of a relationship. I remember times in the past when I flirted with the idea of becoming intimate with a friend but I’ve always feared the inevitability of losing the most important thing … the friendship.

I then remembered a story that made me second guess my initial ideology. I was 16 and friends with a fellow sophomore in high school — let’s call her Nancy. There were always rumors about her dating and being intimate with a senior — let’s call him Sid. Sid and Nancy always hung out together and nobody was buying their story that they were “just friends” because back in the day there’d be only one reason for a sophomore to hang out with a senior (you get my point). I was probably one of the few who believed my friend and discredited any rumors that were being spread throughout the school.  Sid graduated high school in 1995 and from what Nancy had told me, moved to the midwest to run one of the warehouses his family owned. Although they had kept in touch over the phone for the next few months, by senior year, I never heard Sid’s name again.

After graduation, Nancy and I grew apart. I knew that she had enrolled in college and later heard that at 26 she married and had a baby girl. A couple years back, Nancy and I ran into each other on a vacation she took to LA with a few of her girlfriends. She had told me that she was no longer with her husband of four years. We sat at the restaurant for about another hour when I noticed she was still wearing what I thought to be an engagement ring. Logically, I asked why she was still wearing her engagement ring. To which she responded, “I’m engaged…again.” “To whom?,” I asked. “SID!!!!” she said.

It turns out Sid had gotten married, had a kid of his own and then divorced. It didn’t take long before these “friends with benefits” looked each other up and started “dating” — for real this time. They had been living together for over a year outside the town in which I went to high school. So I guess, there are people out there who can benefit from a “friends with benefits” relationship. Although not right for everyone, it certainly was the right thing to do at the time for Sid and Nancy. Oh btw, that wasn’t the last big piece of news she dropped on me that evening … she was pregnant too!