Kendall Jenner Hits Malibu Beach for Some Summer Fun (PHOTOS)

Kendall Jenner is a California girl through and through. The teen reality star celebrated the 4th of July by hitting the beach for some summer fun!

The 15-year-old tweeted: 

"happy 4th of Julyyyy! ... BBQ today!"
So where were the other Jenner/Kardashian girls over the holiday weekend?

Kylie Jenner was reportedly on another part of the beach enjoying the day, while their older sister Kim Kardashian was out on the lake! Kim tweeted a few pics and wrote:

 "Kind of obsessed with Lake Minnetonka! Boats & O's!!!"
She added: "Happy 4th of July everyone!!!! Have fun today and be safe!!! Xoxo" Kourtney was enjoying soaking up the rays on the East Coast. She also tweeted about her holiday, writing: "Happy 4th of July babies! Nothing like a Hamptons cruise with my family."

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  • Marisa Colon-Hernandez
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