Lindsay Lohan Is a Sexy Blonde Bombshell for Italian Vanity Fair (PHOTOS)

Lindsay Lohan proves she's still got it! Back when she was still under house arrest, the actress let Italian Vanity Fair into her home for an interview and photo-shoot. The sexy bombshell shows lots of skin in the pics -- including one where she is sprawled against a giant teddy bear and flashing a lot of leg!

In the interview, Lindsay opens up about her time in jail, admitting she felt her sentence was harsh:

"Unless you're a killer, I don't see a reason to stay there. I never hurt anyone but myself."
But she's promising to get back on track and return to work in the fall. She told the magazine:
"In October, I'll begin work. I hope to spend next year on set."
Over the weekend, Lindsay celebrated her 25th birthday by enjoying a quiet, intimate dinner with her sisters and friends at Malibu restaurant Geoffrey’s. The blonde bombshell showed up in a little white dress and sky-high heels.



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  • Bless

    I love all of these beautiful picetrus I think my favourite is with both of you standing in your own big round bins and laying in the leaves with your bodies opposite and looking at each other.. Absolutely Stunning!!!

  • mileyismylife

    she looks phenominal, such a beautiful girl!

  • SJ

    she sure cleans up nice. lookin' good!

  • Ala

    She should lay off the bleach, her hair looks too white

  • newpeople

    why the hell do people continue to put her on covers! she doesnt work, her last movie was 07? Her interviews are completely redundant in her (aka i screwed up and i am clean now). its not like she can talk about a great new film she is in.

  • natachanal

    is incredibly beautiful

  • danielleakame

    so if you rob her she wont send ya to jail? or endanger other people with her reckless driving...really? what a tool

  • sassenach

    Make-up can make even a washed up skank look hot. Doesn't change the fct that she's ashed up.......

  • Noah

    Ha, these photos were taken while she was under house arrest at her condo in Venice. My buddy lives across the street and that bamboo fence is unmistakable.

  • lashchelle09

    She looks fierce

  • Gm Charles Regis
    Gm Charles Regis

    hell yea lindsay hot gwad it!


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