Love the Look: Selena Gomez's Gold Leaf Earrings (PHOTOS)

love the look!
Selena Gomez Gold Leaf Earrings: Love the Look

Leave it to Selena Gomez to not only look refreshed and relaxed the morning after a fun 4th of July weekend, but chic as well!

The 18-year-old "Who Says" singer spent the weekend with her beau Justin Bieber in the Hamptons, but was spotted in London bright and early on Monday morning.

Selena is spending time overseas to promote her newly released album When the Sun Goes Down, but we couldn't help but notice the gorgeous gold earrings that were adorning her face.

Selena, whose film Monte Carlo was also released over the weekend, amped up a simple black ensemble with some dangling gold earrings that were in the style of gold leafs. There were also cute little studs strewn about the gold earrings. We also love that she pulled back her long, dark locks to show off the earrings as much as she could.

What say you about Selena's gold earrings? Would you rock this look? Sound off in the comments!

Check out even more swoon worthy fashions below!



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  • bribri31099

    Haha, I bet you're mentally crazy.

  • bribri31099

    The dress is amazingg!

  • bribri31099

    I seriosly adore the makeup choice!

  • SelPlusJB

    hahaha she looks crazy in this photo

  • Theresa

    why is this writer so obsessed with Selenas' earrings?

  • rlroby91

    love those earrings, i want a pair

  • phoebe

    she is really so beautiful in them. good style, look, persona and sense! love thoses leaf earring!

  • meg21

    She looks so pretty as usual. Good choice Selena!

  • maria

    I love them, they are so pretty and they look great on her! I love her sense of style! :D

  • cecilia

    love her sense of style & persona! would love to get my hands on a pair of those!

  • danielleakame

    oooo i want!


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