‘Saddle Ranch’ Star David Collins Talks Season Two! (PHOTOS)

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Home-style cooked food, bull riding and Hollywood drama create the perfect recipe for success in the reality TV world! VH1’s Saddle Ranch follows the lives of the restaurant’s workers as they strive to survive and make their LA dreams come true.  

The show’s flirt, David Collins, is an aspiring actor working towards his big break in fame.  Season one just ended and David says he couldn’t be happier with the success from the show.  

“The reaction we have had from fans, from everyone, has been awesome,” says Collins.  “It’s been overwhelming at times, but it’s great.”  

As far as a season two goes?

The cast is still waiting on the green light from VH1.  David says if the show comes back, viewers can expect a lot more craziness coming from the ranch.

“I know we can get wilder and crazier and there is so much more that we can do.  I feel like if we get a second season it’s just going to pop,” says David.  

The blue-eyed hottie is hoping the experience will lead him to more opportunities to focus on his real goal – becoming an actor.  

“I’m just really trying to get out there and get the ball rolling. “I have been dealing a lot with the reality side and going to events and stuff for that, but now I want to start doing me,” says Collins.   

So who is this “me” David speaks of?  Celebuzz sat down with the rising star to learn more about his personal life.

The show hints to the fact that you and server Nancee are dating, is there any truth to your relationship? 
We king of had a little fling.  We always go out together but she is like one of my best friends, literally.  No, we aren’t dating, but stuff happens.  

According to your Twitter account, you call yourself ‘The Flirt’ from the show.  How has being on the show effected you with the ladies? 
I meet girls all the time working at Saddle Ranch, I meet a lot more now though.  It’s funny, people ask if I get more girls now that I am on the show and I’m like…I was getting girls before I was on the show [laughs].  

So what exactly do you look for in the girls you date?
I look for a girl that’s kind, sincere, obviously pretty doesn’t hurt.  Basically someone I can go and be comfortable being me, I’m goofy, I’m outgoing, I’m funny, so I need someone I can be myself with.  

The question all the ladies are dying to know is are you single? 
I’m single and mingling – it’s been fun!