Allisyn Ashley Arm Talks ‘So Random’ Besties and Possible Demi Lovato Return

Greyson Gets 'Random'
Greyson Chance on 'So Random.'
Funny girl Allisyn Ashley Arm is a hilarious character actor and improv teen queen on Disney’s So Random — the young actress tells Celebuzz about upcoming episodes, musical guests and well wishes for her former costar. 

One thing is for sure, the on-screen camaraderie between the cast is no laughing matter. These kids really get along — on and off set!

What did you do for the Fourth of July weekend?
We had a great fourth of July weekend. I got to spend it mostly with my cast. We went to the beach on Sunday and then my friend Audrey had a sleepover and then we went to a fair, rode rides, ate snow cones and watched fireworks – it was the way it should be.

Are your castmates more like besties?
Yeah, actually my castmates have kind of become my best friends and I hang out with them more than anyone else. Not only do we see each other on set, but we spend all of our other time on the weekends together.

What kind of crazy things we can look forward to on So Random?
We have been getting into our groove and the show is getting funnier and funnier. We have been having bigger and bigger guest stars — and we bring characters back and the musical performances are astounding.

Can you name drop anyone that is coming up or are you sworn to secrecy?
I guess I can tell you guys a few people that are coming up. Colbie Caillat will be on our show, which I am super excited about. I think my favorite musical performance so far has been Far East Movement. I got to sit front row while they performed “Rocketeer.” I got them to sign my “Fly Like a G6″ t-shirt.

Do you continue to take any kind of classes or do you just work on set?
Acting class is where I started and I think that’s great for kids who are trying to get into the business. Recently I have taken a few improv classes, but I don’t go to regular classes.

Do you guys deviate a lot from the scripts you are given or do you add lib at all or add to change things up?
Yeah, certain classmates more than others. We all like to have fun with our lines. Sometimes the writers know that, so they just put “add lib confusion” and then that will go on for a minute. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes the writers will tell us when it’s not funny, but it goes on for quite a long time and we like to have as much fun as we can.

The show was initially Sonny With a Chance then it kind of became So Random, have you been in contact with (original series star) Demi Lovato, or heard anything about her appearing on the show?
We’ve reached out to Demi and her family and we wish them all the best and we support her 100 percent. I haven’t seen her recently, but I know she’s doing well. Tiffany from the show, she keeps in touch with her. I hope Demi does a musical performance at some point that would be incredible, but I don’t know that [anything is planned] so far.

What would you say to young acting hopefuls?
A lot of kids ask me how to get into the business; some of them say how do you become famous or how do you make a lot of money. That’s not really why I got into the business. I would say if you want to become an actor, do it because you love acting and you love the business and you love entertaining people. Keep at it, because if that’s what you love, then those are the people who go far.

Watch Allisyn go for big laughs in So Random on the Disney channel.