Natalie Portman Names Baby 'Aleph': What Does It Mean?

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People reports that new mom Natalie Portman and fiance Benjamin Millepied have named their baby boy Aleph. Aleph, which can also be spelled Alef, is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

Portman is a native of Israeli, having originally been given the name Natalie Hershlag.

Natalie's rep confirmed the Oscar winning actress gave birth on June 15.

Now that the name has been revealed, wonder when we can expect the wedding?!



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  • Dorsa Khorramian
    Dorsa Khorramian

    thumbs up if you know the alphabet,its like aleph,be,pe,te,se,jim,che,he,khe,dal,zal,re,ze,jhe.sin.shin.sad.zad.taa.zaa.ain,ghain,fe,ghaf,kaf,gaf,lam,mim,noon,vav,he,ye !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • danyy

    She should have gone with Darth.