Paula Abdul Steps Out with New Man (PHOTOS)

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She may be flirting with fellow The X-Factor judge Simon Cowell when the cameras are on, but Paula Abdul is snuggling up to her new man Jeff Bratton in her free time!

Paula, 49, was snapped with her new beau who is the owner of the Cascine record label. According to Life&Style Magazine, the former American Idol judge worked with Jeff and a band on his label called Shine 2009 in the spring. "I'm close with Jeff Bratton from Cascine and love what they're doing with the label," she's said.

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  • Liz

    Did Paula SAY this is her boyfriend, or is the media just assuming things like they always do? This guy has been around doing PR for her for months. She looks much happier with Simon. In fact, she does look happy AT ALL with this person. Jury definitely still out on this one.