Rapper Bow Wow Reveals He Has a Daughter

24 year-old rapper Bow Wow revealed on his website today he is a father!

“For the past 3 years i been batteling life. Even thought about taking my own. I felt like as a kid i did everything and saw everything too fast which spoiled my adult years,” Bow Wow blogged. “I waited so long to tell yall the truth because i was nervous on how yall would look at me. Yall know everyone makes a big deal out of everything i do. I wanted to be 1st n let yall know the real.”

Continued Bow Wow:

“My lil girl is getting BIG fast. i love every minute of it. She inspires me to go harder.Even made me treat my mother better, its like it made me into a man over night. Never been a fan of posting pix of my daughter. Reason is because i want my boo boo to have everything i didn’t.”

Check out his website for tons more details! Big congrats Bow Wow.

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